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Dr. Sarah Tuley-Coleman

Sarah Tuley-Coleman is a Louisville-based flutist with a flexible performance style befitting any musical genre.  As a classically trained flutist, she has performed with several top ensembles and groups, including the award-winning University of Kentucky Graduate Flute Trio  and also as a featured soloist with the University of Evansville Symphony Orchestra.  

Tuley-Coleman excels in standard classical flute, as well as jazz and rock.  In addition, she has extended her reach to incorporate advanced techniques such as beat boxing, vocalization, and other extended techniques.  This variation of stylings allows Tuley-Coleman the versatility of presenting her musical prowess in a variety of settings.  Tuley-Coleman’s performance resume includes a wide range of events such as orchestral, solo engagements, weddings, funerals, church gatherings, corporate networking presentations, and non-profit awareness events.  

Sarah Tuley-Coleman earned her Doctorate in Musical Arts from the University of Kentucky, Master of Music from the University of Louisville, and Bachelor of Music in Music Performance from the University of Evansville.